Institute to the World

The King Jesus Orlando School of Leadership and Bible. At Instituto al Mundo, we equip you to lead and succeed in your ministry or your beginnings in life with Christ.

New Believers

This ministry welcomes everyone who has accepted Christ as their personal savior


This dynamic group comes together to learn, share and worship God together.


This ministry spreads the Word of God through digital media, radio and television programs.


The children’s bread. We must all be free from everything that burdens us. These deliverance ministers are prepared to lead you to renounce everything that is limiting you in your new life with Christ.

Praise and Worship

Ministers of God who bring the Presence of our Lord through music and instruments.


Ministers of God who bring the Presence of our Lord through dance.


These men and women are in charge of serving God’s people in every church meeting.


These watchmen stand in the gap for the needs of the people.


We went out to conquer the city and bring souls for Christ.

King Jesus Cadets

This organization teaches righteousness and helps others based on the word. Cadets have weekly meetings and annual retreats where discipline is imparted and taught and where children are ministered with the love of God

Family Ministry

Workshops and counseling, individual, marital, for young people, based on the Word of God


We have all the materials of the Vision of King Jesus. Audio CDs and DVDs of teachings that will change your life

Kids Church

Participants are taught in the Word of God and Salvation